This beautifully staged piece of story telling aimed at primary school children highlights the fight for equality of three significant women throughout history.

Although a little slow at the start with the discovery of a book and three objects that inspire the rest of the piece, once these three actresses got into the swing of things they enchanted and captivated this adult audience.

The trio each capably take a turn of playing the protagonist, and what a list of protagonists. Amelia Earhart, The Pirate Queen and Malala Yoursafazi, all of which overcame male dominance in order to live their lives to the full and spread the messages that were important to them.

It would be lovely to see how this piece grows and what it might be like in front of the audience it was created for. Lets hope it’s given the chance!

If you missed it then the second showing Sat 19th May at 2pm, Grab some little ones and take a trip to Burdall’s is my recommendation.


Jack Rose

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