But what happens when your inner demons are trying to break through?

Can you keep your inflictions within, or do they end up consuming you?

​These were the two main questions Roommate with my Demons set out to answer in switching between an immersive piece of theatre and choreographed dance. The production cleverly depicted the both sides of each character, that which we portray to the outside world and that which we would rather keep hidden, by combining pre-recorded film with on stage performance. This combative relationship perfectly exemplified our love hate relationship with our true self and the self we want to be seen as. The combination of voice over film with live action performance did, however, result in the audience’s attention sometimes having to flicker between two different happenings. This might have been intentional, but I found it distracted from the play’s concept.

​The piece told the story of one individual and a couple, a concept which I did not quite understand as the emotional focus seemed to be set more on the couple, their relationship and their existence as individuals. However the combination did allow for a more varied portrayal of the inner demons which plague us.

​Part of the play which I found exceedingly well devised, was how the actors brought the minimalistic set of table and chairs to life by interacting with it and working their way around it, giving the play rhythm and motion.

​Roommate with my Demons definitely took on the idea of our darker side overwhelming us from a very interesting perspective and could be perfected with a more refined focus on emotional dynamics.

*** Three stars

Alexandra Wilbraham