A play, within a play, within a play…

Inspired by Hamlet spin-off ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead’, this two-man comedy follows the story of two men sent on a mission to help their dear friend Hamlet. Taking place at The Mission Theatre, The Raymondos provided a very entertaining hours’ worth of storytelling, jokes and even a few charming musical numbers.

Armed with only a coin, two wooden desks and assortment of hats/wigs (as well as a conveniently well placed backstage guitar), the two men made use of a simplistic layout by utilising the ‘play within a play’ format, as they told the story of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from the perspective of two people trying to write a play about Hamlet’s two friends (which they were). This ongoing story gelled well with the use of Shakespeare’s original work scattered throughout the performance, and the audience responded well to the play with laughter throughout. I enjoyed this performance, although a better understanding of the original work being parodied would’ve enhanced the experience. Overall, the relaxed style of comedy resonated well, with a clear sense of chemistry between the two performers being the key to the success of this piece.

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Edward Darby

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