Whilst the now traditional Party in the City engulfs Bath, albeit not on it’s traditional opening night slot, Bath Spa University Dance students inhabit Parade Gardens with a series of delightful “impromptu” performances.

Both instances I saw started from the peripheral areas of the sun kissed gardens and gradually came into the main arena around the bandstand. One highlight was a group of convicts who trudged in chain gang formation onto the lawns only then to explode into a very contagious game of hide-an-seek. The energy exuded from the company was quickly taken up by hoards of children who squealed, ran and played with the company as they ran in out of the party revellers in the most beautiful of settings.

If you’re walking around Bath on Sunday 20th (11am – 1pm) and see a group of lifeguards or convicts then take some time to just stand and watch. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face as this troupe brings a little bit of festival madness to our wonderful city.

Jack Rose