Written by Dinos Psyllides, Josh Rennie & Dan Kingham, ‘Seeing What Sticks’ provided a great evenings entertainment filled with combination of clever, fourth wall breaking jokes and obscene comedy situations.

Performing at Burdall’s Yard on May 12th, the three men presented four original sketches, covering everything from ordering at a fast-food chain to just how bizarrely it is possible to eat a sandwich. Intertwined amongst these sketches were a series of monologues performed by each man, with each one more unrelatable and ridiculous (in a good way) than the last. The night was a huge success, with a full house kept engaged and laughing throughout. The whole event had a community feel as a combination of university peers and those who have travelled to enjoy the entertainment offered by Spark Fest 2018 all left with tears of laughter rolling down their cheeks, having witnessed an incredibly talented comic display.

This show will be playing again on Saturday the 26th May (once again at Burdall’s Yard) and to those who didn’t make the first showing, I would highly recommend ‘Seeing What Sticks’ as a great evenings entertainment. Just be warned about bringing young children as nothing is off limits! As always, full details can be found on the Bath 2018 Spark Fest website.

Edward Darby

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