Sherlock Holmes The Final Curtain – by Simon Reade

Theatre Royal Bath


Sherlock Holmes The Final Curtain by Simon Reade is assumed to follow on from Conan Doyle’s The Final Problem. Here we find Sherlock Holmes older, arthritic and reclusive; paranoid about a possible visitation from his nemesis and so choosing to live a life away from the glare of London. However, a body washes up on his private beach which leads him back into the world of detection.

The script is undeniably thin and labours on the ailments of aging of both Holmes and Watson. The actual plot unravels but without the usual psychological twists and turns a Conan Doyle fan might prefer.

Robert Powell cuts a fine figure as Holmes alongside Liza Goddard as Mary Watson, wife of Dr Watson played by Roy Sampson. The cast are good and popular with the large audience; whilst the design by Jonathan Fensom makes good use of the space for the episodic script and frequent short scene changes.

Anna O ‘Grady as the house keeper Miss Hudson lends some light relief amongst the darkness of 221B Baker Street.

This production opens in Bath prior to touring and is produced in association with Theatre Royal Bath and Kenny Wax.

Petra Schofield