Showstopper ! Apollo Theatre CREDIT Geraint Lewis

Showstopper – The Improvised Musical
Theatre Royal Bath

From the outset this will appeal to any musical theatre lover. The intriguing title brings back memories of the Forbidden Broadway productions where popular musicals were made fun of to great acclaim. However, this is far more accomplished and fascinating. This is a musical that is suggested entirely by the audience from the origin of its title to the genre of music to be included in the show. Monday night saw the development of “The Queen Mother is Dead,” set in Kensington Palace including genres from reggae to rock and Gershwin to G & S.

The plot is deftly moved by the company away from anything vaguely compromising and so the story follows Prince Harry opening various chains of popular food stores whilst romantically linked to his female servant. The quality of performance is excellent and the entire company are clearly at the top of their careers in improvisation comedy.

There must be a great formula behind each show; that aside, it is a hugely entertaining evening of song, dance and general silliness. The onstage band work in sync with the cast and the show moves seamlessly throughout the evening.

Pippa Evans is outstanding and alongside Justin Brett, Ruth Bratt, Adam Meggido, Andrew Pugsley and Lauren Shearing the performance flies by ending with a gloriously fun sing-along to celebrate Prince Harry’s coronation.

This is a quirky and hugely refreshing piece of theatre that is created and disappears for each audience alone; every show is therefore unique in its own way and the sense of purpose and energy ensures that the audience are with them every step of the way.


Petra Schofield