In olden days, children, a very long time ago, stand-up comics were all working class and you’d never hear one that had, for instance, been to university. Now nearly all of them have, and stand-ups are middle class. But mostly, oddly, they either pretend not to be, or apologise for it, or denigrate the middle class as a cover. Not Simon Evans, a man who doesn’t think being uneducated is anything to celebrate. His act tonight is right in the groove of what you’d expect from him and his Radio 4 outings, i.e. informed but not preachy, cuttingly witty and pleasingly contrarian, as he takes apart lots of things that you’re meant to hold sentimentally dear: puppies, children (his own in particular), supposed canine intelligence, love and marriage, friends. The second half is devoted to economics; not noted as a subject for comedy, but one he has decided to make his own, as he goes mercilessly into why tobacco companies are a brilliant investment, what is meant by ‘leverage’ (It’s to do with screwdrivers; I think I got that right.) and what ‘the market’ actually is, among other arcane topics. All this is expertly delivered at an unstinting gag-a-second rate, in unabashed RP tones, hitting the audience’s funny bones with unerring accuracy. A class act, and no mistake.




                                                                                         John Christopher Wood

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