Cinco Coisas - Bianca Bertalot


Bringing a South American flavour to Burdall’s Yard for this year’s fringe, Bianca Bertalot delivered her clowning monologue with a sweet charm and an engaging demeanour.


The premise of the show was to take us by the hand and guide us through the five-necessities/basic needs a child needs for a fruitful and fulfilling life.


Bertalot chose to guide us through this “lecture” with two enchanting characters; A Doctor who was constantly trying to keep her anxiety in check by keeping it confined to the corner of the stage and the Doctor hindering Melanie who was hell bent on playing and creating a mess, an act that only goes to enrage our lecturer.


As with all clowning improvisation the audience needs to go along with it and aid the performer, the younger members of the audience certainly dived head first but I felt that the heart of the show had been compromised slightly by it running into over 1hr 20mins and that we all got a little lost.


That said it was a very charming way to spend an hour on this sunny bank holiday Monday and there were some delightful moments including an all out pom-pom throwing fight with the whole audience.



*** – 3 stars



Jack Rose