Kilter Theatre is well known for their inspired tales and captivating performances across the city. The Darkling Society continues to reflect their excellence in storytelling and no doubt have reached a new audience through the Bath Fringe this year.


The Darkling Society meets after dark in the new world to remember and celebrate the old country a place without ambient lighting, technology and electronics. A place where you could hear bats, see stars and watch rare moths fly on their way. The analogy here is clear and purposeful. We are welcomed from the “other side” to the society, a spot in the woods is ready and the story is told by Oliver Langdon and Caroline Garland in the guises of Caroline and William Herschel the great 18th century astronomers. We switch in time between the new and old worlds, the sense of loss is palpable and the message of getting out and being present in nature is not missed.



The beauty of the production is the vision from Designer Edwina Bridgeman. The musicians Tom Ball and Katie Stone Lonergan with their beady eyed bird head dresses are magical. The use of the dynamos to light the cycle rides are inspired, props are minimal and performances are hugely engaging.


This is a show which will no doubt be repeated in time to come. Do not miss the opportunity to see such a moving and uplifting piece of site specific theatre, you will not be disappointed.




**** – 4 Stars




Petra Schofield



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