The Little Match Girl, a warming tale for winter
The Last Baguette Theatre Company
Mission Theatre Bath

The Last Baguette are company in residence at Pound Arts, Corsham. They have toured internationally and their work is identifiable by their mad cap humour, physical theatre and ability to tell good stories.

In this adaptation by T. A. Woodsmith we meet the Matchgirl and some crazy characters from the streets of London. Alongside them, each time she strikes a match we dive into the surreal world of her imagination; with Christmas themed scenarios ranging from a talking duck to singing rats.

There is much to enjoy here, the energy and commitment of the company Jean Goubert, Tristan green, Sidney Robb and Giulio Serafini is infectious and whilst at times the twists and turns of the story are slightly bewildering, the pace never falters and the use of physical theatre ensures some beautiful imagery and memorable moments.

The puppets by Marc Parrett and Carter Cordwell are excellent and the final scenes find an emotional depth that belies the earlier events.

They call themselves eccentric no one would disagree however this is well directed (Susana Alcantud) and the set design (Bronia Housman) alongside the lighting design (Jason King) allows an effective popup book effect to allow the story to unfold.

Accessible and definitely daft; this is unique small scale theatre with a great heart and definitely worth watching if you are new to their work.





Petra Schofield