This Gatecrash Theatre production of Mike Akers’ loosely Christmas-themed tale is set in the Lost Present Department; which specialises in finding and returning lost Christmas presents, and is run by the excellent Vic (Rosie Walker) and Ed (Jamie Joseph Carter). The pair are delightfully sparky and energetic, kicking off by doing nicely nonsensical ‘health and safety checks’ on the younger members of the audience. The rapport between these two child-like not quite grown-ups creates a great atmosphere from the start, as they argue, sulk, and run about shrieking in pursuit of their chosen profession – with the aid, of course, of their special present locating machine, which is suitably equipped with flashing lights and pointless noises. The fun never stops as they demonstrate their improbable techniques of present hunting and detection, alternately bicker with or comfort each other, and follow the trail of the most important Lost Present (no spoiler). There is lots and lots to enjoy in this warm, playful and imaginative piece, and it’s guaranteed to appeal to the child in anyone from age three to ninety-three.


John Christopher Wood