Richard O’Brien’s Rocky Horror Show
Theatre Royal Bath

It has been almost a decade since this crazy cult musical visited Bath. But not to worry it is back, bolder, louder and brighter than before delighting the audience with the mad antics of the Time Warp and other classic tracks.

This is a cultural phenomenon, a musical whose plot is based on science fiction B movies. Many of the audience arrive ready to participate with known responses and dress up like the characters. The more open world of sexuality allows this 40 year old show to become a little more explicit and the fans love it.

The cast here are excellent. Philip Franks (Narrator) is in full control and Kristian Lavercombe (Riff Raff) is outstanding. The vocals are strong and the onstage band under the direction of Ben Van Tienen brings the party alive. Richard Meek (Brad) and Haley Flaherty (Janet) are suitably naive as the leading couple who find themselves in the lair of Liam Tamne’s Frank – N- Furter.

There is a great quality in the casting of this production. Set Designer (Hugh Durrant) has created a kitsch world which is lit like a concert by Nick Richings and includes a superb sound design from Gareth Owen.

The high octane energy is tangible and transcends the footlights with ease; this is glorious fun but not for the faint hearted or easily offended. It is sexy, explicit and rude, however if you fancy a trip down memory lane, get the fish nets out and head off to the hottest party in town; if you’re a fan, you’d be mad to miss out.

Petra Schofield​