If you go down into the woods today you’re in for a big surprise.

This second theatrical offering of SparkFest sees us going into the said woods with five mixed up millennials. The Spot written and devised by the company throws together a group of young people with more problems than you can shake a stick at, add into that the surrealist moments of the piece and you have a mixture of laughter, absurdity and personal anguish.

During the course of the trip we have the personal problems of each of our intrepid campers brutally unveiled to the audience by a one of the gang who doesn’t seem to be confined by or even care about social boundaries. This brash delivery obviously has fall out and towards the end of the piece friendships start to unravel.

Most of the set pieces work well and are laced with plenty of warmth and humour and allow the audience to see lots of themselves in these five “happy campers” The opening performance of this charming play did feel that the pace and transitions lacked energy and therefore we were left hanging sometimes waiting for the next revelation.

All in all we didn’t see a teddy bears picnic but what we did see was an endearing and engaging play from newly formed theatre company, The Oaken Collective.

Jack Rose