The Winslow Boy – Terrence Rattigan
Theatre Royal Bath


This sparkling revival of Rattigan’s classic play is excellent entertainment. Based on the true story of George Archer –Shee versus the King; the question of whether a 13 year old naval cadet stole, forged and cashed a postal order for 5 shillings found its way to the high court so that the family could defend the boys honour and reinstate his name.

Directed by Rachel Kavanaugh the pace never falters, the humour sails whilst the moments of poignancy are captured with great poise and effect. Supported by a beautiful design (Michael Taylor) and lighting (Tim Lutkin) from the outset it is a piece of quality.

The cast are excellent the ever bustling, faithful family maid Violet (Soo Drouet) alongside Grace Winslow (Tessa Peake – Jones) reflect the contrast of the expected roles of women. The determination and strength of purpose allowed to Catherine Winslow (Dorothea Myer – Bennett) captures the turning tides of the suffrage movement. The ability to make choices and speak her mind is balanced alongside the expectations of marriage and dowry.

Arthur Winslow (Aden Gillett) and Sir Robert Morton (Timothy Watson) provide strong central performances both sacrificing so much in the quest to “Let right be done.”


There is a contemporary feel to the delivery and an integrity to the characters which ensures there is lively debate in the dialogue whilst keeping the sincerity and vital importance of the central battle.

This is a good production and well worth a visit, running until Saturday and touring.



Petra Schofield