OK. This is a comedy show, by a Belgian physicist, to explain Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity. Is this a joke? Well, actually, amazingly, it’s a whole lot of jokes. Lieven Scheire (don’t try to pronounce it) is a comedy natural with lots of witty gags about being Belgian, about being a scientist, about the contempt different branches of scientist have for each other, and yes, about Special Relativity! Who would have thought it? And, yes, he does take us through what Special Relativity might mean, complete with flip charts, and equations. Equations! In a comedy show! And it’s all funny, every moment of it; even the nerdy heckles from scientists and engineers in the audience don’t faze him for an instant. The audience, scientist and non-scientist alike, are in stitches throughout. If only all physics teachers were like Lieven Scheire, it would indeed be a wonderful world. Comedy genius.




John C Wood