The Novato Theatre Company superbly blends dance, movement and acting in their original production Time Piece. Memorable physicality has the cast often morphing into one another to hypnotic music whilst the sharp, comical dialogue and performances ensure this is a show of high originality and quality.

A simplistic set is used to maximum effect by the entire cast. The audience, which circularly surround the stage, witness a disjointed tale of various individuals stuck in monotonous routines at work or at home. The many different types of hanging clocks add to the surreal atmosphere of the play too. Music plays a huge role throughout, evoking a sense of inevitability and a constant state of flux.

Many of the most impactful sequences within the show rely on little dialogue, focusing more on body and movement. When the cast recreates what it’s like travelling on the Tube they showcase a claustrophobic, tense journey which had the audience either laughing or empathizing with them. Another sequence which shined had the cast each trying to get signal for their phones, falling over one another in the process, which acted as a wonderful piece of social criticism.

A thought-provoking piece of theatre about time and the inevitability of life, Time Piece is a production well worth seeing.


Aaron Lembo