From Temple to Tomb, the Old Theatre Royal Tour is an eye opening perspective of Bath through one building’s rich history…


A walk through the Old Theatre Royal offers more than you might expect, as your guided tour encounters a faded tragic actress, the Knights Templar and the secret rituals that take place in a Masonic Temple. My guide for the tour, the knowledgeable and entertaining Phil, delivered a brief history of the building’s many guises with humour and enthusiasm – allowing time for audience participation if there are any talented organ players or budding thespians in your group! From the stage above to a venture into the Vaults below, once home to over 300 corpses, offers a rare insight into the building’s rich history, a history still very much alive with the promise of ghosts waiting to greet you – sadly on my visit the late, great Sarah Siddons was otherwise engaged! However at the heart of these personal stories and rich historical detail is the building itself, beautiful, ornate and lovingly preserved. A building where the magic of its past is restored in the present, so as to continue to be felt by future visitors in years to come.


Beverley Willbourne


Tours run Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 11am and 2.30pm, and Saturday at 2.30pm

Tickets available from


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