Janey Mcleod is an actress and performance poet who has worked across the South West and London.

In this stand up show Janey performs work that was written during a time when her poetry became a therapeutic outlet. The style is easy and accessible the writing urgent, emotive and often comic; however there is a powerful message in her works that allows empathy and a sharing of her unbridled optimism and reflects the potential to do much more to a wider audience.

Performing on the unique Theatre Bath Bus gives the piece an intimacy and directness that is quite unusual but suits the emotive nature of her work. The sold out show certainly reflected the impact that her work has had to date.

It is well worth the opportunity to see this show; there is much comfort and humour in her work that allows a reflective moment for most of the audience at some point. The use of projection and live music enhances the power of her words and the multimedia approach allows good variation of style.

Given the prevalence of music in therapeutic pathways here is surely a performance poet who may be able to help others believe that they do not have to cope on their own in times of darkness.





Petra Schofield