Waiting for God – Michael Atkins

Theatre Royal Bath


Based on the popular TV series Waiting for God is a light hearted comedy which focuses on two characters Tom Ballard, a jovial ex accountant (Jeffrey Holland) and Diana Trent a cantankerous former photojournalist (Nichola McAuliffe.) Both of whom are living in Bayview Retirement home. Here we find them exploring the nature of older age and challenging the system of expectations.

Whilst the stereotypical poor care Mangers and their bizarre relationships are tiresome, the central protagonists somehow find a sincerity and honesty in the script that brings moments of tenderness and reflection. As both Diana and Tom actively ensure that life certainly does not have to stop their desire to carry on living raises scorn from the care manager whose own outlook on life is severely impeded.

Joanna Bending (Sarah Chase) seeks support and help from her Aunt, Diana, and brings life full circle with the arrival of a baby. Whilst David Benson (Geoffrey Ballard) is a loving son who just want to see the best for his father.

The nature of the script is episodic and without any real substance and therefore results in sketchy supporting characters having little credibility and most scenes are set up for punch lines for the indomitable Diana (Nichola McAuliffe) who delivers them with glorious razor sharp timing.  





Petra Schofield