The three actors were seated on stage with their scripts before them. This was a live radio play written by four screen writing MA students from Bath Spa University. We were invited to close our eyes.


The lack of physical action proved no barrier to forty enthralling minutes of deft writing and performance. Young Freddie had flown off to Ecuador for the experience of his life, leaving his social climber mother, financial trader sister and paid worker friend to dwell on their envy. But this thoughtful, funny, and enthralling play skilfully moved into a modern morality tale about the destructiveness of money.


The actors Briony Pope, Lucy Codd and Samuel Robertson were believable, with Briony as the mother, the most complex character, playing it for laughs. And laughs she received from a large and appreciative audience. I also really enjoyed the memorable scene in which Lucy, as the sister, babbled to her boss about her right for promotion, while he, played by Samuel, simply sighed, groaned and grunted.


The play was directed by India Rodgers. Let’s hope there’s more to come from these budding screen writers and performers.



**** 4 stars


John Holland