Robin Ince’s (almost) Farewell Show at the Rondo Theatre was a wonderfully funny night which had the comedian ranting about the current political landscape, the general intelligence of people and the transition into middle-age. The extremely energetic and loud show even had a musical element with Grace Petrie, a folk protester singer, performing a short set.Ince opened the show by proclaiming he was in a good mood, a self-proclaimed rarity. He then started by commenting how the beauty of Bath is often defaced by the numerous stags and hens which visit the city almost every weekend, which had the audience in raptures. Most of the funniest moments were when Ince told anecdotes and impersonated famous friends such as Brian Cox and Brian Blessed. It wasn’t too long before the comedian shared his liberal, left-wing views and complete outrage at the current government and most recent election.

These sentiments were shared by the immensely talented Petrie also. The singer, who was also incredibly funny, sang comical songs about Theresa May, leaving Glastonbury to meet her new-born niece and the jobseekers allowance.

The second half of the show focused more on Ince’s experiences as a father and a middle-aged man. This aspect of the set was equally as funny as the first and resonated with almost everyone in the auditorium.  


Aaron Lembo