This show by the amiable but slightly shambolic Samantha Pressdee concerns her life with mental illness (bi-polar), drink, drugs, squatting and anarchists; and a bit of friendly slagging off the Black Country, where she’s from. She has some nice one-liners here and there, particularly around acronyms of anarchist groups like the A.N.A.L. (geddit?). But this is not so much a comedy show as a political polemic for various causes (worthy ones, all) to help the needy, herself included. And also a requiem for her close anarchist mate who died of an overdose. This is interspersed with wobbly footage of various anarchic stunts, in particular ones with Russell Brand who she regards as something of a hero. This is a show you could best describe as brave: her heart on her sleeve, or bare tattooed arm in this case; and her openness about her vulnerability make you want to give her a hug. As comedy, maybe not what you’d call expert stuff, but heartwarming.



John Christopher Wood