Novell Tullett is the consultant landscape architect for the design of Saw Close – the external areas.  As part of the scheme we are providing a space which can be used for external performance in an informal atmosphere.  However the space we have to offer is relatively small –  18×12 metres with some steps to one side which can be used for seating, and the new buildings around part of the space which will have external seating and tables to be used by the café and restaurant tenants of the buildings.  I have a number of questions to ask you, if I may, which will help us to design the new space so that it is useable for ad hoc or organised performances.

  • Under what circumstances would you propose erecting a stage in an external area?
  • If there was no stage would it still be appropriate to put on performances in the street or in a square?  Does that happen at the moment?
  • What sort of sizes are the stages which are generally erected in Bath
  • Do they need to have a back of house area?
  • How are they brought to site – what sort of truck or lorry would be necessary to transport the materials for building the stage to site?
  • What sort of numbers of  people/spectators would you expect at a low key event in the city (roughly speaking)?
  • As it is outside the Theatre Royal, are there already events which happen in the space and would you expect that it would be a useful space for more to happen?

I would be really grateful if you could help with some or all of these questions, or if you cannot answer them could you please forward my email to someone who would be able to help?

Jane Fowles

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