The Devil at Midnight by Brian Clemens – Second Face Theatre Company

Presented in Arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

Second Face is committed to delving into the human psyche, both through published works that have fallen through the theatre-sieve, and new writing. We want to make you see things differently.

The clock is ticking. It’s always tocking. Tick. Tock. Midnight. But there is no garden to play in…

Is blame game ever truly laid to rest? Is blame ever easily laid? Once laid, can it be moved?

When a psychoanalyst is visited by Nicki, a young woman who is subjected every night to dreams of a man who steals her from her bed, taking her to a dark house by the sea, a journey of blame is started.

It seems likely Jack Burns (husband to the psychoanalyst and purveyor of happiness) is to blame for Nicki’s trauma, but as the truth behind Nicki’s visit unfolds, whose actions will do the most damage?

Can people’s lives be rebuilt after such terrible torment?

The show features a glittering cast including; Jeremy Fowlds, Alex-Oliviere Davies, Anne Roberts and Christopher Constantine , deftly led by Jazz Hazelwood and Valerie Izzard, tackle the blame game with nerving disquiet and great aplomb.

The show will be touring to:


The Rondo Theatre, Bath – 22nd/23rd March

Box Office: 01225 463362 or via the Bath Box Office Website


The Wharf Theatre, Devizes – 29th/30th March

Box Office: 01380 725944 – email: or visit their website:


The Cotswolds Playhouse, Stroud – 12th/13th April

Box Office: 0844 8700 887 or via their website:


The Athenaeum, Warminster – 19th/20th April

Box Office: 01985 213891 or via their website:


19:30 start.

Tickets £11 / £9