theatreLab presents promising preview in the build up to SparkFest

Written by Edward Darby – April 28th, 2018

The Curfew Inn played host to this special theareLab ScriptMIX event, featuring an exciting insight at what we can expect at the upcoming SparkFest. theatreLab is a local organisation , that is committed to developing new writing and support new work. It produces a monthly event called Scriptmix allowing creatives to get together and explore new work.

Commencing on the 12th May, SparkFest will present three weeks of live performances from the creative minds of some of Bath Spa University’s most talented students in the fields of theatre, music and dance, taking place at a range of locations across the city.

ScriptMIX gave both writers and performers an opportunity to share snippets of their upcoming work with their creative peers in an intimate setting with the goal of sharing and developing ideas in preparation for the festival. The evening featured five extracts of some of SparkFest’s most exciting performances displaying themes of relationships and coming of age as well as examples of clever storytelling and impressive comic timing. First up was Lydia Harman’s Cocoon. This brave solo display tells the story of a young woman’s optimistic journey towards adulthood after returning to her parent’s home aka the cocoon. Next up,One Wish by Leah Brine. Another impressive solo effort, Leah explores the concept of wishes and aspirations, encouraging the audience to explore their minds and question what it is they wish for.


Cameron Okai’s The Spot follows a group of friends who embark on a camping trip in an attempt to escape the difficulties of everyday life. This piece displays the sharp mind of a talented young writer. Fourth up, Journey by Matthew Emeny, a dark tale exploring hidden horrors and featuring a talented acting cast who bring the audience deep into this scary and alien universe. And finally, Dinos Psyllides, Josh Rennie & Dan Kingham’s brilliantly clever and funny Seeing What Sticks, explores the lighter side of what SparkFest has to offer, with which I would highly recommend for anyone who likes to laugh!

If the evening’s entertainment is an insight to the level of talent and quality we will see at the approaching SparkFest, the event is set to be a huge success. The running times for the events mentioned in this article can be found below, and the full list of events can be found at the Bath Spa Live’s website or Bath Festivals ( see below)


Cocoon – 20th May 6pm & 26th May 8pm @ Burdall’s YardOne Wish – 19th May 4pm & 25th May 6pm @ Burdall’s Yard

The Spot – 12thMay 6pm & 19th May 8pm @ Burdall’s Yard

Journey – 25th May 8pm & 28th May 8pm @ Burdall’s Yard

Seeing What Sticks – 12th May 8pm & 26th May 6pm @ Burdall’s Yard

Bath Festivals Website : –

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