For Wednesday night only PAY WHAT YOU LIKE!

Players & Gentlemen by Frank Hatt

Players & Gentlemen by Frank Hatt

Earlier this week we told you about the show we’re hosting all week: Butterfly Psyche’s Players & Gentlemen. The script is the winning entry in the company’s new writing competition and comes from former Royal Court writer Frank Hatt. The pedigree of Butterfly Psyche is plain to see with a string of five star reviews for their previous shows, and this looks set to continue the trend. Which makes Wednesday night’s special offer all the more enticing. To get the week’s run off to a cracking start the company would love a full house on Wednesday night and are offering a one-night-only “Pay-what-you-want” deal. “How does that work?” I hear you cry at your screens. Well it’s been a sensation at the Edinburgh festival in recent years and it is exactly as it sounds, you arrive at the theatre watch a show and then AFTER the performance you contribute as much or as little money as you think the show deserves.

The Rondo is wholly committed to new writing and new theatre, but we do recognise that taking a precious evening off to go and see something untried and untested is a potential risk (the rewards are huge though), so it is wonderful to see a company with faith in its product taking the risk off of you the audience member and on to themselves. We are certain Wednesday night and the rest of the week will be theatre of the highest order, but for your own piece of mind come along Wednesday and if its not your cup of tea it wont have cost you any more than staying in watching repeats of US sitcoms on E4.

Butterfly Psyche present
Players & Gentlemen by Frank Hatt

The play focuses on a small group of actors who travel around rural England to entertain local villagers. But tensions arise when one of their number is revealed to have been a Conscientious Objector during the war.

As the tour progresses, the actors meet a variety of characters who help, hinder and generally cause chaos – including an overly attentive leading man, a grumpy village squire, and a cricket team hiding the secret to a wartime friendship.

Will the band of players be able to overcome prejudice and resentment, so that the show can go on? Will the shadow of the Great War finally be lifted? And, of course, will love conquer all?