Spontaneous Theatre Company premieres its devised theatrical production Hippocrite at Bath Spa Live and Bath Fringe this year. Over the two nights at Burdall’s Yard, Wednesday 8th June, 6pm and Thursday 9th June, 8pm, the interactive family friendly show presents a light look at who we are as human beings.


Hippocrite is a jolly journey into the world of a two-headed hippopotamus. Yes, that’s right, a two-headed hippopotamus. It argues with itself, agrees with itself, sings, clowns around and tries to find love. It shines a light on the contradictory natures of all of us, while making people laugh and maybe even have a dance. Don’t miss this fun and immersive piece of theatre, there is nothing quite like this Hippo-critter.



8th June, 6pm and 9th June, 8pm

Venues: Burdall’s Yard, 7a Anglo Terrace, Bath BA1 5NH

£7 full, £5 concessions, £3 BSU students