Squeezy Green is coming to Bath for the first time bringing idiotic games to test your skills. Hosted by Squeezy Green and assisted by the unquenchable Finney Haddock, the audience is split into two teams and taken through a series of challenges.


Each gameshow is unique with audience interactions contributing to the play of the day. Play from your seat or take the opportunity to go head to head against a challenger. Squeezy promises to host a lip lickin’ afternoon of games you wouldn’t be allowed to play at home.


Squeezy Green’s Compendium of Games is a characterful game show created by theatre makers Gwendolyn Scott and Megan Brooks.


The Mission Theatre, 29th May at 3.30pm.  

Tickets from www.bathspalive.com



‘It was fun and I loved being able to clap like crazy’ – audience member age 6

‘funny, interactive and spontaneous’ – a Dad.

‘that show was so good I held a wee wee in the whole time!’ – audience age 8