Storycycle theatre- Theatre Bath

Storycycle Theatre Company was set up in April 2015 by actor Richard Holborn and storyteller Rosie Hudson. Cast together in a corporate improvising role engaging with the general public whilst enjoying a day out in Bond Street in central London they soon realised that they had something special to develop.

Storycycle is a community inclusive participatory theatre company whose purpose is to get people talking through workshops, projects and theatre.

We aim to work with a wide range of communities through a number of mediums but with the common purpose of providing a space to celebrate stories. As stories ( are supposed ) to be retold we aim to collect and celebrate stories, showcasing their potential in a stimulating and imaginative environment.

Storycycle Theatre- Theatre Bath

In the few months we have been running, our client base has proven Storycycle has no age limit and can be done anywhere. We have been invited to Shopping centres, community groups, School fairs, Pubs, Village fairs in London and Bath and spent time recording versions of classic stories in audio drama ready to be storycycled. Our youngest participants have been four and the eldest so far was 81…

We strongly believe in the power of stories and would love to develop some community storytelling projects in Bath. We think radio is a space people feel confident in sharing a story and can offer a great insite into a community…

If anyone has a story they would like to share with the theme of ‘there’s no place like here’, we would love to hear them . We will be curating the findings for inspiration for further projects and wish to use audio snippets of the stories to create a cultural landscape of the local area.