The Forbidden Door - Ustinov Studio - Theatre Bath

Musical storytellers The Devil’s Violin make their first visit to the Ustinov Studio next week with a unique experience in cinema of the mind. Drawing on influences from Folk and World to Jazz and Classical, they mix music and mystery in the story of The Forbidden Door.


What would you sacrifice for the sake of the one you love? The Forbidden Door tells passionate, funny and hauntingly interwoven stories., twisting human nature’s need to disobey the rules into beautiful tales of love and loss.


Just as in film scores, where music can immediately generate an atmosphere of fear and menace or humour, the subtle instrumental interjections from Sarah Moody’s cello, Oliver Wilson-Dickson’s fiddle and Dylan Fowler’s soft guitar or drumming added pace and colour to the narrative and a real frisson of excitement to enhance the tale….An enraptured audience from a wide age range were hanging on every word”

Bristol Post (5 stars)


Musicians Sarah Moody (cello), Oliver Wilson Dickson (violin) and Dylan Fowler (guitar) are joined by storyteller and spoken word performer Dominic Kelly for the perfect, chilling entertainment for a dark and stormy winter’s evening…


The Forbidden Door is at the Ustinov Studio on Thursday 21st January at 8pm.