The year is 1882 and Cecil Snerd has invented the world’s first comfortable leather bicycle saddle; a blessed relief to velocipedists everywhere who have already dubbed the penny farthing: the man slicer! Cecil, cheated out of his invention by Teutonic cad Hans Von Bulge, languishes in debtor’s prison.  It is left to his only son Mortimer to clear his father’s name and prevent Von Bulge acquiring the saddle’s patent for himself.  On his quest, Mortimer is kidnapped by pirates, trapped in a pyramid, escapes on the Orient Express and, finally, attempts to outrun a hot air balloon on a penny farthing.

The Dreadful Penny is being performed at: The Mission Theatre, Corn Street, Bath between Tuesday 9th and Saturday 13th May 2017 starting at 7:30pm.  Tickets are available from 01225 463362