The Cast Of His Dark Materials
The Cast of Next Stage Youth

Next Stage first produced His Dark Materials in 2007, which was one of the first amateur performances in the country and toured to The Minack Theatre in Cornwall. Five years on, Next Stage is delighted to announce the revival of this stunning show, performed this time by 50+ talented members of the company’s ever-growing youth wing, Next Stage Youth.

Come and see for yourself why His Dark Materials has become such a classic for the young people and marvel at the talents of Bath’s next generation of theatre practitioners. Pullman’s compelling tale of good and evil, love and hate, innocence and experience is brought to life in The Mission Theatre. Stunning costumes and masks, an original musical score, special effects and lighting designed for the fast-moving and complex plot make this a theatrical event not to be missed.

Next Stage Youth are benefitting from all the effects from the original production, including a full score composed by Matt Finch, intricate hand-made masks for the daemons, bears and harpies, and glorious slides projected onto the back wall of the theatre which all combine to create a magical atmosphere.

From The Flyer Back:

Jenny McGlynn as Lyra and Philip Davies as Iofur Raknison

His Dark Materials Parts 1 and 2 is a brilliant adaptation by Nicholas Wright of Philip Pullman’s best-selling trilogy. The story revolves around Lyra and Will, two young teenagers from different worlds. Lyra is striving to find her best friend Roger, whilst Will is searching for his lost father. The pair join forces and share adventures beyond their wildest imaginings. As their friendship deepens, the teenagers are drawn into a cosmic battle between good and evil, encountering armoured bears, soul-eating Spectres, witches from Northern Lands and terrifying Harpies in The Land of the Dead before facing their human foes in a final, breath-taking battle.

His Dark Materials Parts 1 and 2 takes actors and audiences alike on an epic journey. Over 50 talented youngsters from Next Stage Youth, Bath’s premier youth theatre for 11-18 year olds, are eagerly looking forward to performing in their most ambitious production yet. Audiences who have read Pullman’s compelling trilogy will love this gripping adaptation; newcomers to the story will be enchanted by the fabulous characters and family audiences will enjoy a feast of dramatic talent and spectacle, presented as two stand-alone productions, or an enticing double-bill.”

Here’s what the reviewers said in 2007 when Next Stage first produced these remarkable plays:

“Doing all that the professionals are doing, and sometimes doing it even better” The Bath Chronicle Review of Part 1

“A thrilling evening’s entertainment” The Bath Chronicle Review of Part 2

“Inventive and imaginative” The Cornishman

A Shot From the 2007 Minack Production

Yvonne Paulley who is co-directing this massive project with the Mission Theatre’s Director Ann Garner said “Next Stage Youth have been studying the play since January, workshopping major events and characters from the play such as the terrifying experiments in Bolvangar, the Land of the Dead and the physical nature of the daemons’ performances. There are very complex themes throughout the story – the role of the Church in society and the loss of innocence as children pass into adolescence – and it is a true credit to our talented youngsters that they have embraced and explored these themes with maturity and insight.”

Pullman’s original trilogy of books – The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass – have been transformed into two plays: Part 1 and Part 2. Audiences of all ages can enjoy either Part as a stand-alone story, or watch both in an enticing double bill.


Part 1 runs Tuesday 3 – Saturday 7 July 7.30pm (Saturday matinee 2.30pm).

Part 2 runs Tuesday 10 – Saturday 14 July 7.30pm (Saturday matinee 2.30pm).


Book both shows together to receive a discounted rate, details and further information on or call 01225 428600 or email .