A trio of comedy upstarts with musical know-how, The Midnight Beast detonated their very own viral bomb in December 2009 – ‘Tik Tok’. A hilarious parody of the Ke$ha song, it racked up over 25,000 YouTube hits by the end of the first day and subsequently turned the group into bona fide Internet sensations. Things were never going to be the same again.

TMB (for short) – south west Londoners Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely and Ashley Horne – have now had a staggering 46 million views on YouTube as well as two sold-out tours, making headlines in 2011 as the fastest unsigned band to sell out KOKO (in a day!). In 2011 they whipped up a frenzy during HMV in store signings for their spoof boy band annual ‘Book At Us Now’ tour and in July will launch a brand new self-titled narrative comedy series for E4 produced by Warp Films.

The album – due out alongside the series – is being released on the band’s own record label Sounds Like Good and there’s a definite D.I.Y thread running through their aesthetic. “The whole album was written and produced in my bedroom at my parents’ house,” continues Stefan. “We tried other labels and it just didn’t fit into any sort of mould so we decided to do it ourselves.”

The midnight beast are metamorphosing in front of your eyes. Be afraid, be very afraid.