How can one show with just four actors possibly contain so much action and adventure? Elementary, my dear!

The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company put dynamic detective duo Holmes and Watson through their paces as they tackle their most fiendish case yet in this delightfully inventive and hilarious show for all ages featuring live music, audience interaction and more mystery than you can shake a magnifying glass at.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it!

“A production of ingenuity, verve and wit… hilarious! * * * * *”

(Oxford Times)

“So much fun you can hardly imagine!”
(Sheffield Star)

Our Bath dates are:

Monday 7 April, 7:30pm
Tuesday 8 April, 7:30pm
Wednesday 9 April, 7:30pm
The Mission Theatre, BATH, BA1 1UF Tel: 01225 463 362

For more information visit: