e flyer Infinite Stars- Rondo Theatre- Theatre Bath

The Rondo Writers Network presents Infinite Stars

Execution, Sat Navs, Edible letters

Ten moments in time by the Rondo Writers


Written by the Rondo Writers Network

Curated and Produced by Shane Morgan

Directed by Jazz Hazelwood


The 2015 Rondo Writers show is all about voices and the world around us. Each writer chose a day and month from the calender and had the history of the world at their disposal. These chosen moments of history were used as a starting point and they wrote two pieces with specific actors in mind. They were given the details of the two actors; a headshot, special skills and their playing age was all the information supplied. Their task was to write two pieces; a piece for one actor and a piece for two actors.


Infinite Stars, the 2015 Rondo Writers Group show, is a curated event of new work using history as inspiration. Interspersed amongst the work are sections of Verbatim Theatre taken from real life interviews. Some of what you see during Infinite Stars actually happened.


Cast: Tom Bridges, Felix Byrne, Alison Campbell, Alison Farina, Ian McGlynn and Karen Payne.


Rondo Theatre, St. Saviours Road, Bath, BA1 6RT

6th-9th May 2015- 8pm

Tickets: £10/£12

Bookings and info: 01225 463362