The Rue Theatre is an international community theatre company opening its doors to the public as part of the Bath Fringe Festival this year. Founded by Maggie DeRue, a theatre maker and facilitator who finds her roots in The Netherlands, The Rue Theatre focuses on performances that address current issues and dilemmas, for by and with the community. The Bath-based company also specialises in reminiscence theatre, arts in health workshops and intergenerational projects.


What is the ‘The Dead Boat on Wheels’ about?

The Dead Boat On Wheels follows a fictional story based on real events, reminiscences and academic research of an Arts Facilitator who worked with terminally ill patients. With references to the ferryman of Hades and the river Styx the performance opens up questions about dying and bereavement and scrutinizes dilemmas surrounding dying in a scientific and medicalised society.


‘The Dead Boat on Wheels’ debut at Bath Fringe, 31st of May

Maggie DeRue, founder & creative director of The Rue Theatre, said:

“We couldn’t be happier to meet our audiences in Bath as part of this amazing arts festival. It has been an incredible journey so far, from our smashing Kickstarter campaign to the creation of The Dead Boat on Wheels, with a growing international community surrounding and supporting the work of The Rue Theatre. The Dead Boat On Wheels is a gritty performance that talks about the medicalisation of death and the power of reminiscence. We think it is essential to open up the conversation about death in order to celebrate life.”


The Dead Boat On Wheels is supported by and in partnership with with The Theatre Academy of Maastricht (The Netherlands), Producer Works and Bath Spa University.


Performance dates: 31st of May (8pm), 6th of June (6pm), 8th of June (8pm) at Burdall’s Yard Bath.
Tickets are £7(Full) £5(Concessions) £3(BSU)


To find out more about The Rue Theatre or The Dead Boat On Wheels, visit: