My Theatre Matters!

Equity, The Stage and the TMA are working with sponsors Cog Design, John Good and Tincan on a major public-facing campaign aimed at supporting local theatres across the UK. It is open to all theatres, not just TMA Members. Other supporting organisations so far include Creu Cymru, Dance UK, ITC, Opera and Music Theatre Forum, SOLT, Theatres Trust, Unison and What’s on Stage.

My Theatre Matters! aims:

1. To provide support for UK Theatres to encourage them to mobilise their audiences to voice their support for their local venue, particularly to local government Members and officers.
2. To develop a national database of concerned audience members who could be mobilised for further action locally, regionally or nationally.

The most immediate serious threat to theatres in the UK is significant cuts in Local Government funding. Local Authorities are under extreme pressure and are being faced with extremely hard choices, but it is imperative that they understand how much their voters value their local theatre.

We know current and past audiences have strong emotional capital in their local venues, but do not necessarily understand the importance of public funding in keeping them open, affordable, and delivering high quality education and outreach work.

This campaign will provide theatres with the tools to help inform their audiences and turn them into advocates with local Council Leaders, as well as adding their support to an on-going national campaign that will reach a crescendo at the next UK General Election.

Audience Members will be asked to do two things:

1. Send a postcard to their Council Leader saying how much they value the Council’s investment in their local theatre
2. Sign up to the national campaign website with their email address and postcode so they can be contacted again in the future about issues in their own area, further afield or nationally.

The campaign was launched on 14 March 2013. We can now provide any theatre that is interested in the campaign with leaflets, posters, collection boxes and badges.

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