Falcon'sWho are the company and how long have they been together?

We (Feargus Woods Dunlop & Heather Westwell) are a husband & wife team who run the company.

New Old Friends formed in 2008 as the first company to take part in the Egg’s Young Premieres scheme. Which, as the name suggests, gives young companies their first exposure on a professional stage. At that point the company was just Feargus and Josh Golga a fellow Bretton Hall graduate. The following year Josh left to pursue a screen writing career and Heather joined the company.


What is the show about?

The show is a detective story: The mysterious Jonny Naples hires Tim Diamond, private detective, to look after a package. But unfortunately for Naples, Tim is the worst Private detective in the world. Then Naples turns up dead and a whole host of criminals want the package. It’s up to Tim’s clever 13 year old brother Nick to keep the Diamond Bros safe and solve the case of The Falcon’s Malteser.


What attracted you to creating this particular show?

Anthony Horowitz’s book is so funny we were laughing out loud reading it. We were certain that it could make a brilliant family show.


What was your vision for the production?

We wanted to create a mid-scale piece of work for an audience that is traditionally a little under served. There is a wealth of work for very young children and a lot aimed at teenagers, but very little for the 8+ Family audience. We hope that The Falcon’s Malteser will appeal across a broad age range but particularly to children too old for another fairytale but not quite ready for hard hitting drama or innuendo-filled comedies.


What other productions have you directed/starred/adapted/written?

This is the company’s 7th show. Previously highlights we’ve produced Anti-Panto, an adult pantomime which smashed records at The Rondo, last year we toured another egg co-production around the country Silly Songs of Shakespeare.


Who inspires you as a director/writer/actor?

Oh so many. But we ways return to Morecombe & Wise as our centre.


What was your approach to directing/writing/performing/creating this piece?

Our approach is always to create the most entertaining show for the audience. With this we needed to balance all the jokes (and there are lots) with a brilliant twisty plot.


How has Edinburgh been treating you so far?

It’s been almost too good: great reviews, sell out houses, great weather and lovely audiences. We’re waiting for the other show to drop.


What are you most excited about performing up there?

Just being part of this incredible outpouring of creative talent is a dream come true. We always wanted to bring a show but didn’t have the platform, it is incredible to actually be here doing it.


What other shows are you most excited about catching or have you seen already?

Pajama Men are long time favourites and their first adaptation, 2 man 3 Musketeers, did not disappoint. We’re about to go see a show called Blam which everyone is raving about. Also we are really looking forward to Labels by Worklight who are friends of ours and brilliant.


Tell us a bit about an average day for you up there. What is your schedule like?

Well luckily our show isn’t until 2pm so we don’t have a ridiculously early start. We normally catch up on work in the morning and then aim to be at the Pleasance for 1pm to do our get in then after the show we have the rest of the day to catch other shows. It’s pretty awesome.


Why should people catch your show?

It’s a comedy show that is aimed for families, we’ve had all ages in and they’re all really enjoying it which is just amazing. It’s a story about a certain box of chocolate covered sweets that everyone (including London Gangsters, German hit men and Russian actresses) is out to get, Follow the Diamond Brothers Detective Agency on the thrilling case of The Falcon’s Malteser.


Reviews of the show from Edinburgh:

★★★★ The List (https://edinburghfestival.list.co.uk/…/73163-the-falcons-m…/),
★★★★ Remote Goat (http://www.remotegoat.com/…/mystery-magic-mayhem-and-malte…/)

Primary Times (http://www.primarytimes.net/…/the-falcons-malteser-by-antho…)


For more info and to book tickets visit this link: https://www.pleasance.co.uk/event/falcons-malteser-anthony-horowitz#overview