“In the beginning there was The Word, and The Word was good.”


Praise for previous productions…

“A really terrific show… don’t miss out”​ Guide2Bristol *****

“an exceptional achievement”​ Theatre Bath 

“a tour de force”​ Cotswold Arts & Events


Robert Louis Stevenson’s ​The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde​ has fascinated readers and audiences of stage, screen and radio for over a hundred years. To this day, the tale in which a scientist creates a serum to transform himself into a darker alter-ego holds much attraction and interpretation.

We live in a technological age where medical science performs miracles in treatments for conditions which previously plagued and ruined the lives of thousands, yet our understanding of the human mind and its emotional recesses is still a relatively new and enigmatic science.


We chat to director Jazz Hazelwood about her vision for the production…


Who are the company and how long have they been together?

Second Face is a Bath based company, dedicated to creating new work, with a particular focus on comedy… Although in recent months we seem to have moved towards theatre with a much darker twist! We started back in 2012 with Mouthing Off and now, three years on, are still producing work we’re extremely proud of. We’ve been lucky enough to produce work like That Moment by Dougie Blaxland  (“… a wonderful performance that is a delight to witness.” Guide 2 Bristol) and The Devil at Midnight by Brian Clemens (“a tour de force” Cotswold Arts and Events). More recent work includes The Alchemist by Ben Johnson and the devised Halloween Horror Ghost Hunt.


What is the show about?

This show is a very unique adaptation of a much loved classic. We were really lucky that we had a really strong adaptation that conveyed the original story while looking at current issues like mental health and LGBT+ themes. Dr Jekyll is female and it follows her descent into the dark recesses of her own mind. I think what she struggles to accept most about herself is that she’s human, and damaged, and flawed just like any other human being on this planet, and the more she tries to keep control on what’s happening around her, the faster she loses grip on reality. The show itself is very claustrophobic and tense, giving us some really lovely dynamics to play with. We’ve loved how the source text really blends in with this reinvention of two of the most famous characters in literary history.



What attracted you to creating this particular show?

I’m always on the lookout for a challenge! I held an adaptation competition in the summer of this year, and I think we really lucked out with the script we ended up with. Alexandra Ricou’s adaptation of this classic is truly intriguing, it really jumped out as something I could get my creative teeth sunk into. It wasn’t just an adaptation of a novel, it was a story in its own right and I think that’s what’s so great about it. The way it’s presented is also really interesting – there is a lot of movement and style to this piece and that’s something I think is really powerful; when you can’t communicate an emotion or feeling in words, movement is often the way to go and this script blended movement into a script in a really beautiful way.



What was your vision for the production?

I think if we can make people think when they come away from this show we’ve done our job. What really excites me as a director and an actor is character work. I’m acting in this show, as well as co directing with Macey Smolsky who’s over from the USA, and I love how it’s a real snapshot into the mind of one person. We want this show to be dark and exciting, and really get people talking about theatre and how it can make people see things in a different way.



What other productions have you directed/starred in/adapted/written? 

Last year I directed Jane Eyre by Dougie Blaxland for Butterfly Psyche and Live Wire Theatre’s joint production of The Bronte Season, after taking Jane Eyre around the south west last autumn with Live Wire. I’m also the Intern Director at the Rondo so have directed the Rondo Scriptwriting Group’s show this spring, and Ghost Hunt in the Autumn. Other directing credits include The Devil at Midnight by Brian Clemens (Second Face Theatre Co.), That Moment by Dougie Blaxland (Second Face Theatre Co.) and The Gift by Ross Dunsmore (The Rondo Theatre). Previous Acting credits include Mouthing Off by Grasey Mayes, directed by Valerie Izzard and Players and Gentlemen by Frank Hatt, directed by Ian McGlynn.


Where can people find out more about you, the company and the show?


You can buy tickets for the show at or by calling 0333 666 3366.

The company is on Facebook and  twitter, and both of these are updated regularly so people can stay up to date with things that are happening in the Second Face world!!

Facebook –

Twitter – @2ndFaceTheatre


Please note, there is an age advisory of 15+ for this show, due to the nature of its content.
The Cast
Dr Jekyll – Jazz Hazelwood
Hyde – Leo Graham
Louise/Holly/Nurse – Kara Wheatley
Utterson/Doctor – Tom Bridges
Carew Layson/Police Officer – Felix Byrne


The Team
Directed by Macy Smolsky and Jazz Hazelwood
Lighting Designed by Philip Coote