B&NES PC CMYK copyLogo_-_TransparentThere is no ‘I’ in Collaborate
Tuesday 12 February from 10-4pm
Rondo Theatre, Bath
Free Admission – no booking
Bath new writing theatre company, Butterfly Psyche is planning an Open Space consultation with anyone in the southwest who works in theatre.
Alison Farina, Artistic Director and founder of Butterfly Psyche Theatre says,
“Our main objective as a theatre company is to create work of the highest standard where collaborators value each other’s talents and respect the right for everyone involved to ‘own’ the project. To achieve this, it is hugely important that productions have clear guidelines (union-based or not) on how the production will be handled along with effective communication and mutual respect between everyone involved. So, I’ve planned an Open Space consultation at The Rondo Theatre in Bath where we can talk about any issues that have come up and find a way to work better together. We’ve been very lucky to receive support and funding for this event by The Rondo Theatre and Bath and North East Somerset Council and would like to thank them for investing in such an important event.”
ButterflyPsycheTheatreCollaboratorsOpen Space meetings are run with the delegates’ issues at the heart of its structure. This particular type of event allows participants to create and manage their own agenda rather than sticking to a set agenda with Any Other Business shoe-horned at the end of the day. Open Space uses simultaneous break-out group sessions on all the issues brought by the delegates around the theme of the day, which in this case is “How can we work better together”.
The event is free and anyone who works in theatre is invited. Remember: “Whoever comes are the right people. Whatever happens is the only thing that could have. Whenever it starts is the right time. When it’s over, it’s over.”
All findings and reports from the day’s sessions will be made available online along with provision for further discussions after the event, so even if you can’t make it, you can still be involved.
The event will take place from 10-4pm on Tuesday 12 of February 2013 at the Rondo Theatre in Bath and will be run as an Open Space Event.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Alison at .uk.
You can tweet about the event using #ThereIsNoIInCollaborate.