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The Rondo brings you another storming week ofNew Writing, Gorgeous Music, and Hilarious Stand-Up. It’s what we do. Our Autumn season has been a delight thus far and as we enter the final few weeks the gold doesn’t stop flowing. Just take a look at the three shows below, it would be hard to find a better balanced week of quality performance anywhere in the country and that is with the slightly sad news that unfortunately, Festival of the Spoken Nerd has had to be postponed. Please contact The Rondo to arrange tickets for the new date or to claim a refund. The new date for FOTSN show isThursday 24 January. Still though, the week looks a belter!

Shane MorganThe Misunderstood Richard Beeching

Directed by Andy Burden

Thurs 22 Nov, 8pm
Tickets: £12/£10

In 1963 Dr Richard Beeching was asked to write a report into  “The reshaping of British Railways”  As a result, rural railway lines were closed six thousand of miles of track were removed and 334 steam trains were sent to the scrapyard.  The , derelict stations fell into disrepair in unserviced villages and over time Beeching became the most hated man in Britain.

What if he returned from the grave to tell his side of the story – would he regret the loss of the local railway?  Would he miss the age of steam? Would he welcome the supermarket car parks and cycle paths that lie in their place?
Humourous, informative, nostalgic and always entertaining, this show will ultimately answer the question was Beeching a prat?

Fire SpringsDark Age Deeds of the Celtic Saints

Anthony Nanson & David Metcalfe

Fri 23 Nov, 8pm
Tickets: £12/£10

Born from druids, and attuned to wild nature and the memory of old gods, Irish monks carried the torch of civilisation through a dark age of conflict. Patrick, Brigid, Columba, Colman, and Brendan – they parleyed with pagan heroes, battled with words for the spiritual compass of these isles, and ploughed the waves in search of earthly paradise. With Fire Springs’ distinctive blend of story and music, Anthony Nanson and David Metcalfe bring legend to life.

Francesca Martinez: What The **** Is Normal?!Sat 24 Nov, 8pm
Tickets: £12/£10

Fresh from winning a Fringe Media Network Award at the Edinburgh Festival, ‘wobbly’ comedian, Francesca Martinez, brings her hit show to The Rondo.

What happens when you’re branded ‘abnormal’, in a world obsessed with normality? This show is Francesca’s defiant, insightful and fascinating answer… Intrigued by the power that a six-letter word has over so many people, Francesca shares her own life-changing journey of growing up as ‘abnormal’, being rescued from High-School-Hell by Grange Hill, letting Ricky Gervais take the piss out of her walk in Extras and working out what to say to the BBC after being offered the role of a, ahem, vegetable.

Whatever body you’re born into, it seems that most people share the universal desire to be ‘normal’. This show is for anyone who’s ever struggled to fit in, felt ‘different’ or wondered what the **** normal means? Apart from a cycle on a washing machine, of course.

Hilarious and deeply moving… By the end of the hour, everyone is a little bit wobbly, rocking back and forth in their seats, some choking back tears at an exquisitely judged final flourish that proves she is not only one of the best performers on the circuit but also a writer of rare candour. 5 STARS Metro