You’ve never seen Shakespeare done quite like this…
The Rondo Theatre

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Live Wire Theatre was founded in 2007 by award-winning playwright Dougie Blaxland. It was nominated for The  Mervyn Rutter Award at The Edinburgh Festival in 2009 and Best Show at The Brighton Festival for its production of Chauntecleer and Petrelotte. Other productions include: That Moment ( Time Out’s Critic’s Choice of the Week in 2008), Never Any Fruit (Winner of Raising New Voices at The Watermill Theatre Newbury 2010) and Rondo audiences will be most familiar with Biggles Flies A Fokker Home andA Christmas Carol The Musical that delighted us for the last two festive seasons at our Larkhall home. As amusingly witty as previous Live Wire productions have been, nothing will have prepared you for the comic lunacy of this week’s offering. Those who managed to grab a ticket to 2011’s Shakespeare Unplugged premiere left with sore sides from all the laughing and perhaps a head slightly spinning that anyone would have the cheek to do that to Shakespeare’s greatest works at a Shakespeare festival.

A sell-out comedy success in the Theatre Royal Bath’s Shakespeare Unplugged Festival in 2011 Machamlear, by Dougie Blaxland, combines the characters and plots of Macbeth, Hamlet and King Lear in a Shakespearean soap opera.

Set in the fictional SE London suburb of Burnham Wood, Mac and his ambitious wife Beth, hatch a dastardly plan for the take-over of a local butcher’s business. Meanwhile, Ken Lear, landlord of The King’s Head faces the dilemma of deciding which of his three daughters should inherit the pub on his retirement, whilst cunning Claude Elsinore tries to fathom the causes of step-son Hamlet’s teenage depression.

Will Mac get away with murder? Who will get The King’s Head in the end? Will Prozac work for Hamlet?

The answers to all the above questions will be revealed in Live Wire Theatre’s return to The Rondo for this hilarious new comedy.