photo by Alex Brenner

A man at work, a man playing, a man playing at being a man


The world-premiere of Manpower will be the opening performance for ICIA’s new spring season in the University of Bath’s new Arts and Management building on the 6th February, 7.30pm.  A national tour is planned in Autumn 2015.


Manpower is the new show from 2014 Total Theatre Award winners Two Destination Language, celebrating everyday maleness as they reflect on their own experience of being and knowing men.


Alister has a building project, and Kat’s not sure about it. They’ve been thinking about men and power: Bruce, Clint, sheds and tea, heavy responsibility and mouth-watering barbecues. Audiences will laugh, wince and find themselves thinking of men they’ve known, loved, hated and wanted to be as Two Destination Language uncover what it means to be a man. The whole work is soundtracked by brilliant music that everyone recognises from someone’s Dad’s vinyl collection.


Two Destination Language is the collaborative performance practice of Alister Lownie and Katherina Radeva. Their projects vary from theatre pieces to site specific experiences and socially engaged projects with strong participatory or interactive elements. The duo’s work ranges from intimate one-on-ones through interactive installations to theatre performances. Community, identity and memory are the ideas which percolate all Two Destination Language work: an interest in boundaries and otherness, belonging and personal history. For the artists, community is a corollary of performative work, and it is a pleasure to share in its exploration. Interculturalism is also important to both artists; Alister’s Scottish heritage and Katherina’s Bulgarian background give them an interest in how cultures interact and develop.


Tickets are £10 or £8 for concessions. They can be purchased online or by calling the ICIA Box Office 01225 386777


Photo by Alex Brenner.