REVIEW – Under Foot (AboutNOWish Theatre)10, 12:30, 2:30, 11-15 November 2015, the egg, Theatre Royal Bath. 

For walking – 5 year olds. 

The egg has hatched another moment of magic. Under Foot is a small people’s theatrical experience where the children are the heart of the action.

Starting in the egg cafe, our friendly host and her sax-playing friend warm up their busy audience. Every child is welcomed by name, and taken merrily up to the small, but airy space of the egg’s Roper Room. Every stepping stone between the cafe and the “actual show” is made safe and fun. My own 4-year old is still enthusing about making the shoe-basket smile with all our shoes. 

Shoes off, the children find slumbering grown-ups on a large square of fake grass and before long, they’re happily part of the movement, the shapes, claps, jumps and rolls that make dance a joy for kids to do and parents to watch. Our sax-player mixes up a gorgeous wallpaper of sound; the dancers involve the children in child-led expression. It’s really something to see your child converse like this, without any recognisable language, just sounds and shapes – something they all make together. 

This wonderful thing leaves Bath at the time of writing, to head to Bristol’s Circomedia and Clevedon, via Three Ways School, before coming back to Bath Central Library on 13 January. Make the time – you’ll be so glad you did.

Gill Kirk