What Kind Of Day Has It Been?

The Rondo Theatre, Bath


I saw this last night – firstly, congratulations to so many people needs to be said! 8 writers, 6 actors, 1 director and a highly competent technician. The night wouldn’t have been what it was without this particular mix – a very good team.

What Kind Of Day Has It Been is a very slick, fast paced production which had me belly laughing and squirming with recognition of human traits both great and terrible.

Shane Morgan needs to be praised and bought a pint for bringing 8 pieces of new writing under one roof so seamlessly (Bag For Life Man – God be praised, I laughed so hard with him)

The comic timing and physicality of the actors and actresses (particular mention to Moira Hunt and Charlie Lees-Massey) was impressive and all performances worthy of a decent pay check.

But it wasn’t just the acting that made this such a great night at the theatre. The use of music and lighting to both move the action along it’s timeline, and as a mechanic for changing sets was skillful and imaginative. Keeping things simple is key to great theatre and this shone in the task of how to move sets.

Perhaps a little more time could have been spent on the movement of the actors when in a large group to just tighten the ensemble, and a little tweaking of the curtains to close off the sight lines, but this is really nit picking of me to mention.

The writers are clearly talented and have a keen eye on how people interact; capturing the pleasure, pain, tedium and poignancy of relationships wonderfully.

There were so many things that made this a great production, which kept my friends and I talking for an hour afterwards; each of us remembering little bits that made the rest of us shout – “OH YEAH! That bit was GREAT!” but if I write much more, I risk spoilers.

A massive thank you to all involved for giving me such a good night at the theatre. I encourage everyone to see “What Kind of Day Has It Been?” which runs at The Rondo in Larkhall,Bath, until Saturday 11 May.

When asked what kind of day has yours been, you’ll be able to say; Exciting, funny, imaginative and thoughtful.


Anne Roberts