Photographs – E. Giotti Photography; Location – Spirit Photography, Portraits in Bath; Hair – Harriet Gallon Makeup

William Shakespeare’s classic tale of love and laughter, Much Ado About Nothing comes to the Rondo Theatre in November in a production by one of Bath’s most successful and vibrant companies.

Rondo Theatre Company Directors Lisa Thrower and Andrew Fletcher are giving the much loved play a vintage twist, setting the action in May 1945, as victory is declared in Europe.

Leonato’s country farm has been running at full tilt throughout the war, with the help of the Land Girls and the whole village plans to throw an enormous victory party in honour of returning airmen in Don Pedro’s company. So much has changed for the returning heroes and nothing seems the same. Save for the merry war of words between Beatrice and Benedick, whose acerbic wit and steadfast refusal to marry remain as fixed in stone as ever they were.

Amid the heady mood of celebration, the young and impressionable Claudio falls in love with Leonato’s daughter Hero and all seems set fair for happy ever after. But with Claudio tricked into doubting Hero’s virtue and Beatrice and Benedick tricked into amorous feelings for one another, the course of love does not run smooth.

Lisa explains setting the play at the end of the war:

“The themes and comedy in Much Ado are timeless, and we loved the idea of setting the play in a context which people could relate to. Given the action begins with soldiers returning to a celebration, it has great resonance with the end of the war and gave us the opportunity to explore what has changed for the characters during this tumultuous time”.

Andrew continues:

“We particularly liked the idea of how women’s role in the society had changed, with young women working to sustain the farm and having new confidence and a degree of independence. This adds to the comedy with the returning airmen, who find not all is as it once was”.

With exquisite vintage costume and music, this production promises to be funny and vibrant evening for the whole family to enjoy.

Much Ado About Nothing is at the Rondo Theatre from Wednesday 22nd November to Saturday 25th November at 7.30pm.  

Tickets are available online at or by calling 0333 666 3366.