On Friday 14 June and Saturday 15 June, the egg theatre welcomes SPOT, staged by Italy’s La Baracca Theatre Company and presented by Andrea Buzzetti, which focuses on young children’s fascination with colours and lights.

Showing the yellow of the sun, the blue of the sea, the red of fire, the light-blue of the sky, and the contrast between light and darkness, Spot is a very particular stage light. Spot shines brightly and expresses itself by drawing shapes and colours on the floor.

In this production created especially for audiences aged from one to four years, intriguing stories are told by actor Andrea Buzzetti and a spotlight using contrasting colours, patterns and the on/off switch.

The Italian Theatre Company La Baracca was founded in 1976, and has been working in the field of theatre for children and early years for the past 30 years.  In 1995, the theatre moved to the Teatro Testoni Ragazzi and has since become a Theatre of Innovation for Children and Young People.  As well as performing in Italy, La Baracca has toured world-wide staging productions for young people as far afield as Brazil, Finland, Japan, Mexico, Russia and America.


SPOT visits the egg theatre on Friday 14 June and Saturday 15 June.  Tickets are available from the Theatre Royal Bath Box Office on 01225 448844, the egg reception on 01225 823 409 or online via www.theatreroyalorg.uk