The Moment- ICIA- Theatre Bath

World Premiere of This Moment Now by Sylvia Rimat

Sylvia Rimat presents her premiere performance of This Moment Now at ICIA, University of Bath on Thu 30 Apr, 7.30pm.


This Moment Now takes its audience on a journey to explore how we experience time and draws on our desire to make sense of the complexity of the world.

The show is drawn to the fleetingness of the moment and is based on the realisation that we, as we know us, inevitably belong to the past. Expect live drumming, a cup of tea, ideas on time dilation and ageing… and to be acknowledged for the investment of some of your ‘life time’ in coming to see the show.


Sylvia Rimat’s work is shown widely in the UK and internationally. She is known as a creator of intelligent, humorous performances that are entertaining and thought provoking in equal measure.


Tickets are £10 or £8 for concessions. They can be purchased online or by calling the ICIA Box Office 01225 386777