wyrd-o!- burdalls yard- theatre bath

Made in the moment theatre brings the art of foolingto a modern audience

DATE: 2nd June

PLACE: Burdall’s Yard 6.30pm

TICKETS: £7/£5 concs Bath Spa Live Box Office

CONTACT: Simon Blakeman .uk 0777 2361929

No two performances are the same in this one man show with special guests.

The winner of The Guardian Visual Shakespeare Prize 2014, Simon Blakeman, creates a reboot of the archetypal Fool.

The Fool exists throughout culture from indigenous tribes through to Shakespeare and all the way up to the current times. He or she speaks as one of societys outsiders. A vein of foolishness runs through everyone, and the Fools are those that have stepped (or have fallen) beyond the rules.

I play on the edges – between knowing and not knowing – between light and dark. I believe there is a part inside all of us that is an outsider, even to ourselves.

Simon Blakeman has been performing in this way since 1998, and the current show brings together his wealth of experience as a storyteller, actor, mime and cabaret host. Theatre of the Foolis for anyone who enjoys their entertainment to be risky, breath-taking, full of laughter, and occasionally raw. Guests in the past have included a world class recorder player, a cellist from Nigel Kennedys entourage, James Watts of the Ombiviolum Orchestra and ace drummer/singer songwriter Tom Veck , as well as fellow fools.

The concept of the wyrd, which gives us our modern word weird, comes from a thread in Norse mythology, similar to fate or karma. Through the play, Wyrd-O! deals with the uncanny meanings that connect everything and everyone in the universe – past, present and future.

Audience quotes:

a return trip to madness that finally makes sense

it made me think of shamanism, journeying through time, merging/becoming other beings

“so satisfying – you were everything! Raw and vulnerable – no hiding!

From a review (Listomania):

it was all in our minds, but id swear, in my mind, it was thereand this is the point isnt it? – of all theatre